Brand New Controversial "Drop A Shirt Size" Fitness Program For Ambitious Men in East Herts: Who Want To Lose The Gut WITHOUT Giving Up Their Favourite Foods OR Time With Their Family 

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This course is EXACTLY how my dad: Dropped 1&1/2 stone of belly fat, improved his posture, got a strong back & upper body without giving up EVERY food he likes, and he can still enjoy a drink!

My dads suffered with his back ever since I can remember...

  By becoming a cab driver, he’d became less & less active, and even BEFORE that worked in an office all day!  

What does this mean? Low activity, bad posture, back pain, increasing belly size and feeling like shit...  

Fast forward two years... 🏃🏼‍♂️💨  

He’s now lighter, fitter, better shoulders and back (pains virtually gone) and it WASN’T down to him having a weak back! 🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m so proud of the old man, and really seen huge changes in his diet, fitness & confidence  

So THAT is why I’m launching my new program for overweight city workers who want to:  

-Lose their beer belly -Improve their posture and back pain -Lose some weight on their face -Get some actual definition to their upper body -STILL enjoy a decent steak and drink on the weekend  

Simply because I can make it happen QUICKLY! (Ps. Now you see where I get my good looks from😉) 

Do you want to?

Lose the gut/man-boobs for Summer without feeling clueless & unmotivated at the gym? 

Not have to do endless amounts of crappy cardio, which is boring and doesn't build upper body muscle!

Be able to enjoy taking your partner out for dinner at a nice restaurant & STILL have your shirts fit better (if a diet isn't enjoyable, how long will you stick to it?)

Get access to a CONCRETE system of measuring your progress, fitness & nutrition, so there's no more confusion about why it's not working... you'll learn step by step how to keep yourself on track, motivated & moving towards your holiday with confidence

STOP feeling crap in work-shirts and actually look forward to Summer

The unmistakable confidence you'll be rocking by the time you've finished this program WILL be noticed by your friends & family... how good will that feel? 😉

ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY and learn what works for you 

Unfortunately, there is no one diet that works. I'll give you empowering tools so you learn to make your own diet work for your goals, no matter how little time or energy you've got

What's included on the program?

3 Challenging, Fun Group Fitness Sessions Per Week

You'll be able to work at your own pace, punching, lifting and butt-kicking your way to a sexier, more confident you by Summer - 45 mins of energy in the morning

Peer Accountability & Support 

Network over in the our exclusive Facebook group, where you'll receive a place to ask questions in private, and have a personalised instructor guiding you every step of the way... we got your back!

A Fire & Forget Nutrition System 

Each part of the nutrition has it's own components, meaning no matter what meeting, day out or night out you're on... you can still have total control over enjoying the moment AND staying on track 

Constructive Progression Tracking 

Our convenient 15 point measurement system tracks all your hard work, giving you unfiltered access to the inner working's of your body as well as the outer. Body-fat, BMI, visceral fat, blood pressure and a bunch of others are all tracked & improved. As you know, what get's tracked... gets improved!

(and these are all critical to watch as you get older) 

What happens next?

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