What Is Platinum?

Join up to G Fit's "Platinum" today, and you'll learn how to start fitting back into those old clothes you havent worn for a while, WITHOUT giving up everything!  

When you join up, you'll get access to: 

1 month of fun, energising ways to workout at times that suit you. Working on stubborn problem areas that INSTANTLY start seeing improvements, and will SHOCK you with how much change happens in the first four weeks alone!

Each month you receive a 5 page HARD COPY printed newsletter that cuts through the information overload available, and gives you concrete steps to follow & benefit from... both on your dress size and your confidence

Exclusive LIVE ACCESS to my Private Masterminds - You get to ask me personal nutrition questions and get an IMMEDIATE answer, it's having your own personal trainer, just without the extra £'s being spent!

Challenges, weekly accountability and measuring and tracking...I get it. These sound a bit involved, but you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't want some extra help to call you out on stuff, this is ALL included and is one of the things that will keep you on track. 

What's included in the program?

G Fit has been working with local, East Herts mums, women and familes for years. The following are the best available options and here's why:

Fun Workouts

All our members have busy lives, and this is why we've developed fun, high intensity, energising workouts that you can guarantee get you the results you want


A hard copy newsletter that is yours for life, packed with information that will, month on month, advise you on EXACTLY how we get the best results with our clients. 

Individual Friendliness & Support

You'll be working in a tight knit community of people who are all working on the same goal, and who get to know you on your journey...so it becomes bigger than fitness. You'll see yourself becoming that healthier, fitter you that you want.


You get exclusive, unlimited access to our PRIVATE Facebook group, where members just like you are waiting to work with you, support you and challenge you...e succeed TOGETHER!

Measured & Tracked

At the gym, or most other places, you don't get ANY measuring done, so there's no tangible way of knowing your progression. We provide you with 12 different types of measuring that will MATTER, and show you how to improve on the results you'll already be getting

TOP QUALITY Instruction

All our instructors have been trained by the best, and worked in the fitness industry for years. This benefits you because your instructors get to know your techniques, injuries and buttons to press, and then will guide you to the best shape you've been in. You won't get this level of personalised training & results anywhere else at the same price.

“I'm actually quite shocked about how much my body has changed over a month, usually i'd expect these sort of results to take at least 12 weeks.”

Jodie Ferguson - Mum of 2

A Word From Glenn

“I wanted to take everything i've learnt from my nine years of working in the fitnes industry, and distill it into the absolute best techniques, advice & challenges that create long lasting, life-changing results for people. I' proud to say that Platinum delivers over and above that”